Northland® Firelogs

Northland®/ MD Greener Firelogs are an all-natural, waxed based firelog. The perfect way to go greener while relaxing together in front of a fire.


Northland Firelogs® advantages include:

  • Canada’s best-selling general-purpose firelog brand
  • Clean-Burn® technology burns significantly cleaner than wood
  • Less carbon monoxide, fewer air emissions and less creosote build-up
  • Each log weighs 5-lbs and lasts 2hours
  • Made from sawdust and custom designed waxes

Available in the following burn times†:



Available in the following packages:

*15th Emission Inventory Conference, New Orleans, May 2006
†Variations in fireplace and climatic conditions may alter duration of burn.


Romantic Occasions

Snuggling and Talking Dates (daily catch up)

Treat yourself to some quality time with your spouse after the kids go to bed. Quickly light
a fire and surprise your significant other with a fireside snuggle and conversation.